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Ep5: Dr. Rahul Kashyap on Sepsis in the ICU & How to Combat it.

Hills and Valleys is a podcast that uncovers stories from leaders in healthcare, tech, and everything in between. Straight from the heart of Silicon Valley, we give you a look at the good, the bad, and the future, one episode at a time. Brought to you by Potrero Medical. Listen to the podcast on any […]

Ep4: Dr. Jerry J. Zimmerman, MD, PhD, on Why Sepsis is a Problem.

An interview with Former President of the SCCM, Jerry Zimmerman. Former President of the SCCM, Jerry Zimmerman joined us on “Hills and Valleys” podcast at the recent Society of Critical Care Medicine Conference to share his insights on a variety of topics. In this article: Who is Dr. Jerry J. Zimmerman? What is NADPH oxidoreductase? […]

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