Accuryn™ Clinical Studies

Multicenter Randomized Clinical Study of Accuryn vs. Criticore.

Accuryn™ was shown to be significantly superior to CR Bard’s Criticore in the burn unit setting with hourly urine output monitoring in multicenter randomized controlled study ( Identifier: NCT02195713).

The chart below shows a characteristic comparison of urine output over time in a patient using the standard of care device and one using Accuryn™. The impact of airlock reduction on effective continuous urine output is pronounced and was found to be statistically significant over the entire study population for no airlocks (p<0.001), no periods of false oliguria (p<0.05) and no periods of false anuria (p<0.05) in test patients.

The Accuryn™ Monitor

  • Urimeter with proprietary airlock-prevention technology overcomes urine drainage issues and provides accurate, real-time continuous urine output measurement
  • Designed to  decrease urinary retention and suction trauma – known risk factors for Catheter associated urinary Tract Infections (CAUTI)
  • EMR Integration, improves system-wide access to trending data, or can be used as a stand-alone critical care monitor outside the ICU
  • Machine-learning algorithms continuously monitor and trend measurements, enabling potential early detection of sepsis, acute kidney injury & cardiac difficulty.